Do you want to direct the power of your mind towards achieving what you want in life, rather than fixating on perceived problems?

Need to chill out and want new tools and techniques that you could use anywhere anytime?

Do you want to create a daily routine that gets you mentally ready for the world?

Are you ready to commit to yourself?


Koa Smith is a professional surfer, 30 second famed barrel rider, entrepreneur and true showman. While his life looks idyllic from the outside; sunshine, nature, travel & non stop adventure, he struggles to balance it all just like the rest of us. Through a severe head injury that left him with crippling depression, the pressure of competition and the bombardment of business demands, he realized that something needed to change. He wanted to take charge of his mental game. In turn, through extensive research and support, he developed a mental exercise routine, something that he commits to every morning. A routine that puts him in the driver seat before the chaos of the world even has a chance to make an impression. His mental game changed everything and now he wants to share his morning routine with you. Are you ready to transform your mental game?

What's included


7-Day Step by Step Challenge

7 Modules and 12 Individual Video Lessons  

Daily Checkin Checklist - PDF Download 

Morning Gratitude Alarm by Koa - Audio Recording 

Guided Meditations by Koa - Audio Recording

Guided Breathwork by Koa - Audio Recording

Big Dreams Mirror List - PDF Download

Getting Started with Journaling - PDF Download

Kickoff to Gratitude List - PDF Download

The Science Behind the Routine - PDF Download


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7-Day Step by Step Challenge

Koa breaks out 7 different modules and 12 individual video lessons that outline his morning routine.

Daily Checkin Checklist

7 Days is just a start. We want to see this become part of your every day mental routine! So Koa made a printable checklist to keep you committed until it becomes your second nature. ;)

Morning Gratitude Alarm by Koa

Does that sound of your alarm clock create an emotional reaction? Yeah we hated ours too. Koa decided why not switch out the piercing WAKE UP sound with an alarm based on positivity and sunshine? Download this and change your whole relationship with waking up.

Guided Meditations by Koa

If you are new to meditation, its nice to have a guide! Koa walks you through a simple meditation exercise to get you started. Its a downloadable file that you can store on your phone and access anywhere/anytime.

Guided Breathwork by Koa

When anxiety kicks in, one of the best tools you have is breathwork. Koa created a breathwork audio clip just for you to slow yourself down and get out of your head.

Big Dreams Mirror List 

Need a little help dreaming big for yourself? Koa created a quick list of questions to get your brain thinking and imagination wondering as you create your future.

Getting Started with Journaling

Journaling can be tough when you first get started. In turn, Koa authored a few prompts to get brain find clarity, release suppressed emotions so you dont blow up on someone else, or simply exploring your thoughts and feelings.

Kickoff to Gratitude List

Hahaha. We know its hard to get out of a funk and that the last thing you want to do is talk about the good things! That's why Koa created this gratitude list! It helps your brain redirect its thoughts and feelings towards the better parts of your life. Trust us...they are there if you are willing to look.


We are committed to offering our digital courses with a sliding-scale payment model, allowing you to access our experiences, wisdom, and resources regardless of your financial situation. Click PURCHASE COURSE to view your options.

Access at home or on the road

All of the videos are designed to be accessible through your mobile device. So take the challenge at home or on the road!

tools to help you along the way

Roadmap for the course, journal prompts, a gratitude list to kickstart your optimism, a mirror list to keep you on track and motivated.



Koa Smith embodies the spirit of a true waterman. Raised on the island of Kauai, he was immersed in the world of surfing from an early age. What sets Koa apart is his remarkable skill and fearlessness in the big-wave surfing scene. He's gained widespread acclaim for taking on some of the most challenging and enormous waves in Hawaii and around the world. Koa's passion and dedication to the sport have solidified his reputation as a respected figure in the global surfing community, where he's known not only for his incredible talent but also his adventurous spirit.

Beyond his surfing exploits, Koa Smith is celebrated for his commitment to exploration and adventure. He's an intrepid traveler who seeks out remote and untouched surfing locations across the globe. These epic journeys of discovery have been documented in surf films and video content, captivating audiences and inspiring fellow surf enthusiasts. Koa's dynamic presence on social media and video platforms has allowed him to share his surfing adventures, travel experiences, and insights into the surfing lifestyle with a global audience, further establishing him as a leading figure in the modern surfing world.

From Koa's YouTube

The Secret Thought Process of Elite Surfers

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