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Have you ever engaged your mind in a workout? What is your full potential? Are you willing to take the challenge?

7-Day Step-by-Step Challenge

Koa breaks out 7 different modules and 12 individual video lessons that outline his morning routine.

Daily Check-in Checklist

7 Days is just a start. We want to see this become part of your every day mental routine! So Koa made a printable checklist to keep you committed until it becomes your second nature. ;)

Morning Gratitude Alarm by Koa

Does that sound of your alarm clock create an emotional reaction? Yeah we hated ours too. Koa decided why not switch out the piercing WAKE UP sound with an alarm based on positivity and sunshine? Download this and change your whole relationship with waking up.

Guided Meditations by Koa

If you are new to meditation, its nice to have a guide! Koa walks you through a simple meditation exercise to get you started. Its a downloadable file that you can store on your phone and access anywhere/anytime.

Guided Breathwork by Koa

When anxiety kicks in, one of the best tools you have is breathwork. Koa created a breathwork audio clip just for you to slow yourself down and get out of your head.

Big Dreams Mirror List 

Need a little help dreaming big for yourself? Koa created a quick list of questions to get your brain thinking and imagination wondering as you create your future.

Getting Started with Journaling

Journaling can be tough when you first get started. In turn, Koa authored a few prompts to get brain find clarity, release suppressed emotions so you dont blow up on someone else, or simply exploring your thoughts and feelings.

Kickoff to Gratitude List

Hahaha. We know its hard to get out of a funk and that the last thing you want to do is talk about the good things! That's why Koa created this gratitude list! It helps your brain redirect its thoughts and feelings towards the better parts of your life. Trust us...they are there if you are willing to look.


We are committed to offering our digital courses with a sliding-scale payment model, allowing you to access our experiences, wisdom, and resources regardless of your financial situation. If you need financial support, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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