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Tyler Posey, renowned for his magnetic performances on screen, emanates a spirit of compassion that extends far beyond his acting career. With a heart as expansive as his talent, Tyler has made indelible marks in both the entertainment industry and the realm of charitable work.

From his breakout role as Scott McCall in the hit series "Teen Wolf" to his dynamic performances in films like "Maid in Manhattan" and "Truth or Dare," Tyler's acting prowess has captivated audiences worldwide. His ability to breathe life into diverse characters with depth and authenticity has solidified his status as a beloved figure in the entertainment landscape.

Yet, Tyler's impact transcends the silver screen. His genuine dedication to charitable causes serves as a testament to his character. Advocating for mental health awareness with organizations like Active Minds and lending his voice to LGBTQ+ rights through support for The Trevor Project, Tyler embodies empathy and authenticity in all his endeavors.

Furthermore, Tyler's commitment to environmental conservation underscores his passion for creating a better world. Through his advocacy for sustainable living practices and initiatives aimed at combatting plastic pollution, he exemplifies the power of using one's platform for positive change.

Tyler Posey's legacy is not merely defined by his acting accolades, but by his unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. His ability to inspire both on and off the screen serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the profound impact one person can have when they lead with compassion.


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Vulnerability, often seen as a weakness in mainstream culture, can actually be a radical act of rebellion – it's punk. Embracing vulnerability means rejecting the facade of invulnerability that society often promotes. It's about daring to be authentic in a world that values conformity.

You'll discover that Tyler faces many of the same challenges we all do, and that's what this course is all about! Tyler is ready to open up and
share his experiences, hoping that just one of you will hear something
and realize, "I'm not alone in feeling this way."

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Riding the Edge

Tyler Posey's Journey of Discovery on Vintage Motorcycles

The Interview:

As a certified child star in Hollywood, Tyler had every reason and excuse to take the darkest path in his adulthood—but that’s not him. Sure, he’s tussled with the demons that have tempted and derailed many of his contemporaries, and yes, he’s won and lost wars waged against his better interests. But through the struggles, highs, lows, and in betweens, Posey has stayed vigilant, driven, and determined. He has played a teenage werewolf on TV and the big screen, rocked out on stages around the world, written albums and screenplays, has an legion of fans around the world, and now has embarked on his most important mission to date—using his experiences to help others through their own trials, tribulations, triumphs, and defeats via his platform at Portal. 

Why did PORTAL first peak your interest and how did you find out about it?

My whole life I’ve been searching for more ways I could inspire people and the world. After getting sober I felt the passion fire up in me again and put the idea out into the universe I was ready again to inspire. Then Brandon Parkhurst (Portal co-founder) and I got breakfast and he told me about what he’s doing with portal and I had to be a part of it. The universe heard me and answered. 

When did you realize that your story and experiences could potentially help people?

I realized many many years ago that I had a pretty unique story and many experiences that are relatable to others. And I thought my outlook on my experiences, good and bad, were maybe different from the average person. So I wanted to be honest with my life and story and just start sharing. Especially when social media got popular. It just felt like I was fulfilling a part of my purpose to talk about my story and hopefully help other people. Even if it was just one. 

What about the Misfits Of Consciousness connect resonates with you?

I think what’s so cool about misfits of consciousness is the juxtaposition of it all. It’s a balance. That’s what I feel like is what makes me me. A balance of heavy and light. I can share really emotional stories and be vulnerable and I could also make you laugh with the best fart joke ever. I’m a man, covered in tattoos, rides motorcycles, and yet I can also be vulnerable. There’s something so interesting and endearing and attractive about a person who can embody all of that. The toughness and the emotional side. 

What are your personal goals with PORTAL?

My goals with portal are to keep sharing, introducing people to a new way of life, or thinking. Showing people a new routine that could help them. And also continuing to learn about my own purpose and seeing what really speaks to me. I even really want to inspire a new curriculum in schools that introduces kids to sharing their feelings, not being shamed for them, and also meditating and quieting the mind. I think that would change the world. 

What do you think PORTAL is capable of as a company?

I think Portal has the potential to change the world. Mental health, as much of a topic it is in the world right now, is still sort of taboo. People talk about it, but there isn’t much action. We are showing people action and ways that work for us that make us feel better and calm our minds and hopefully can help other people. 

How would you explain what Portal does to a random old lady on an airplane? “That’s a nice shirt, what is ‘Portal’?”

Hey lady! Believe it or not, this isn’t just a shirt. It’s a group of people that have been through some really life changing moments, are constantly working on bettering our own lives, and want to inspire other people to do the same. We lead by example. We offer action, influence, personal stories, and hold space for people who are struggling and want a new perspective.