Talib Tyler Fisher is an educator and therapist specializing in relational and trauma resolutions. He leads the international Path of Love process across Europe, the United States, and South America, assisting individuals, families, and communities in integrating powerful tools for transforming their capacity to love and communicate effectively. Talib is also the co-founder of Osheanic International in Fortaleza, Brazil, a retreat center focused on holistic therapies and meditative community research. His life's work encompasses both Western and Eastern approaches to psychology, trauma healing, and human development.

Additionally, Talib is deeply committed to men's work, recognizing their underrepresentation in today's support systems. He advocates for and provides spaces for men to explore their emotions, vulnerabilities, and personal growth, acknowledging the importance of addressing men's unique challenges and needs in therapeutic settings.

Since 2006, Talib has collaborated with his partner Shubhaa Kassima Fisher, sharing their insights as a couple and their passion for personal growth. They run an online education program and travel extensively from their base in Stockholm, Sweden, conducting workshops and seminars throughout Europe and Brazil.