Dillon schmersal

A resilient and multifaceted motorhead, renowned for his exceptional talent in drifting cars, crafting high-performance vehicles, and showcasing his skills in illustration and design. Often hailed as a Renaissance man by his friends, Dillon's innate talent shines through in every endeavor he pursues. With an unwavering passion for all things automotive, he has tirelessly honed his craft over the years, earning a prominent place in the automotive community. Beyond the adrenaline-fueled tracks, Dillon brings his creative vision to life through captivating illustrations and groundbreaking car designs. Whether he's dominating the pavement with his drifting prowess or meticulously crafting intricate car builds, Dillon's grit, dedication, and boundless passion for cars have garnered him widespread recognition and admiration among enthusiasts globally.

Dillon Schmersal is also a visionary force who played an integral role in shaping the foundation of our company from its inception. As a creative powerhouse, Dillon's contributions span across various domains, including apparel design, brand voice, and image. His keen eye for detail and innovative approach have been instrumental in crafting the distinct identity and aesthetic that defines our brand. Dillon's passion for excellence and commitment to pushing creative boundaries have set the tone for our company's success and continue to inspire our team and customers alike.

Dillon, in his larger than life stature, is determined to lift as many people as he can. He recognized at an early age the strength and power of his community and he continues to give back tirelessly. 

“For me “zoning out” on the thump of a motor counts as mediation. The point of meditation is to live fully in the present moment. It’s when the ape mind quiets down and truly enjoys the moment.” 

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