Interested in Joining the portal artist program?

We’re an inclusive and thoughtfully curated art program dedicated to celebrating both
established and emerging artists while championing the power of creativity to promote mental
health and wellness.

Who We Are:
The Portal Artist Program recognizes the profound link between artistic expression, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Our mission is clear: to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health while providing a radiant platform for artists to shine. As artists we are often encouraged to use past experiences and traumas, to exist as a ‘starving artist’ in order to create work that is deep
and meaningful but are not given resources on how to take care of our mental and physical wellbeing. Not every artist wants or needs to face their demons every day in their studio to make great work that resonates.

How do you handle your wellbeing while creating?
What We Offer:

• A welcoming space for artists to share their unique perspectives and stories through their art.
• A diverse selection of artwork that inspires and sparks essential conversations about mental
and physical health and wellness.
• Collaboration opportunities to feature your art on exclusive Portal apparel.
• The chance to see your creations come to life at our exhibitions.
• A platform to advocate for self care and wellness.

Be Part of the Movement:
The Portal Artist Program isn’t just an art program; it’s a movement for positive change. Join us in empowering artists, challenging stereotypes, and creating a society where creativity and mental wellbeing flourish.

How to Submit:
Show us your art! Share your artwork that aligns with our mission and helps us break down barriers. We’re interested in all mediums: visual, digital, sculptural, performance, fiber, audible,
etc. your creativity can be a beacon of change.

Submit Your Art:
Send us a link to your work (website, IG, etc.), a brief statement on how your art connects with
our mission to
#PortalArtists #PortalArtistProgram #CreativityForWellness #BreakTheStigma

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