Brandon Turner

Brandon Turner, a professional skateboarder, rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s, leaving a lasting impact on the skateboarding scene. His journey to stardom began with an early passion for the sport, and his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication quickly propelled him to professional status. Turner's skateboarding prowess was underpinned by his creative, fluid street style, blending intricate tricks with graceful transitions. His innovative lines and tricks left an indelible mark on the street skateboarding scene and served as a source of inspiration for a new generation of skateboarders. In 2020, Turner solidified his status as a top skateboarder by winning the SLS Trick of the Year contest, showcasing his mastery of the sport and earning recognition from his peers and fans alike.

Despite facing personal challenges, including issues related to substance abuse, Turner demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination in staging a triumphant comeback. His story, characterized by personal growth and a return to skateboarding, served as an uplifting narrative, resonating with many within and beyond the skateboarding community. Brandon Turner's legacy endures as a testament to his enduring impact on skateboarding, and his commitment to making a positive impact through charitable works, particularly in mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation with Westside Recovery.

"I want to create programs people actually get excited about."

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Sober Living w/ Brandon Turner

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