In this episode of H37P! The Podcast, Brandon, Chris, and special guest Tyler Posey dive deep into dealing with struggles and fear while still showing up. Tyler Posey, Hollywood actor and musician, is one of the original founders of PORTAL. He’s about to launch a new course with PORTAL, where he shares his experiences as a Hollywood actor and the challenges he has faced. Surprise—his struggles are very similar to all of ours! Tyler wants everyone to know they aren't alone and that ultimately, "Vulnerability is Punk!" As the course gets ready to launch, Tyler shares his fears, insights, and hopes for it. He doesn't claim to be an expert or a guru. He simply believes that if sharing his experiences, how he survived and now thrives helps even one person, then we have all won.

BIG NEWS!! Tomorrow, we are launching Tyler Posey's "Vulnerability is Punk" Course on presale! The first 100 orders will receive a FREE "Vulnerability is Punk" lapel pin!

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