$58 T-shirt & EXPerience Bundle 



Tyler's Custom PORTAL Eagle Tee

This hand drawn shirt was inspired by and designed for Tyler Posey. Tyler has a special appreciation for vintage clothing and tattoos, we wanted that vibe to bleed through. The eagle represents freedom and spirituality. "Your strength doesn't come from winning. It comes from hardships and struggles. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level." The t-shirt is on pre-sale and once our existing inventory is exhausted, we will print the next batch and ship within the next two to three weeks. 

Not a fan of the Eagle Tee or don't want to wait?  No worries, we got you covered! Email us your preferred PORTAL Tee alternative and we can make the switch! 

Tyler's Personal Experiences and How He Leveled Up

Tyler shares his personal experiences with social acceptance, setting boundaries, understanding emotions and trauma triggers. He shares how he survived and what he does today to keep himself thriving.

5 Modules and 18 Individual Videos  

Tyler has recorded 18 individual videos of his personal experiences and life changing routine. He vulnerably breaks down every section of his journey in hopes that even one of the suggestions that saved him can help you too.

Tyler's Daily Mental Health Routine

In order to stay strong in mind, body and soul, Tyler subscribes to a very simple but disciplined daily routine. He believes it is his daily routine that keeps his energy and monkey mind balanced. You have heard of exercise plans but what about a mental health routine?

Meditations with Tyler

Quieting your mind can be very tricky. When you are new to meditation, it can be easier to let someone guide you. Who better than Tyler Posey? Tyler shares his personal practice with you from the desert.

Ice Bath with Tyler

When you want to get out of your head quick, there is nothing better than an ice bath. Don't be scared Tyler will jump in with you.

LIVE Q&A with Tyler 

Watch the course and send us your questions! Tyler Posey and his good friend, coach and fellow co-founder of PORTAL EXP, Brandon Parkhurst will jump on a LIVE Q&A Session to address your questions! The day and time will be announced via email to all members...don't worry we will give you plenty of time to plan. All Q&A Sessions will be recorded for repeat viewing. 

Create Your Daily Routine - PDF Download

Tyler doesn't want you to do it his way, he wants you to find YOUR way! He shares the details of his daily routine in order to inspire yours! What relaxes your heart and mind?

4 Steps to Identifying Your Emotions - PDF Download

When you are having big feelings, there is a quick 4 step process you can use to help identify the real problem and better understand yourself and your needs.

Signed Up for VIP Email List - First access to anything Tyler

Join Tyler Posey's VIP email list for a raw and real connection. Get personal updates straight from Tyler, including pick-me-up messages for those rock-bottom days, new tools or techniques he is digging and recommendations for his favorite books that have helped him navigate life's twists and turns. 


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